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Sports Travel and Tours Announces 2019 Baseball Trips


It may be football and hockey season now, but it’s already time to start thinking about the 2019 baseball season because we’ve developed and announced our line-up of adventures! Featuring classics like Windy City Plus and Central Express, our season next year will also hold some newer trip options such as Ocean, Desert, Mountains and […]

Baseball Trips Grow Bond Between Mother and Son

Stacie Weldon and son Chad Supranowicz

Chad Supranowicz was a third grader in 2007, when his mother, Stacie Weldon, gave him a map of the country for Christmas. Rather than highlighting state capitals, it featured the 30 major league baseball stadiums in the United States. The gift came with pushpins in three colors, so Chad could mark parks he and his […]

Sports Travel and Tours Exceeds Expectations for California Couple


When Dr. Fred White and his wife, Kathy, traveled with us this summer to witness the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum induction weekend, they expected to see some familiar, famous faces. Fred also recognized someone not quite as well-known on the streets of Cooperstown, New York. While exploring the small town of about […]

Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Leaves Baseball Fans Star-Struck

Rosie Romo

When Rosie Romo was a kid, she watched Ozzie Smith, a shortstop with the St. Louis Cardinals, do backflips on the field to the amazement of everyone in the stands and the people watching on television. She was also a huge fan of the Los Angeles Angels. “We were just a hop, skip, and a […]

Covering All Bases with Talks by Retired MLB Umpire Al Clark

Al Clark baseball card

Sports Travel and Tours President Jay Smith is making sure baseball fans get every opportunity to engage retired American league and Major League Baseball umpire Al Clark, connecting Al to fans on the other side of the globe and expanding his “Ump’s Eye View” presentations for 2018. Thanks to Jay’s role in the last year as chairman of […]


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