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Covering All Bases with Talks by Retired MLB Umpire Al Clark

Al Clark baseball card

Sports Travel and Tours President Jay Smith is making sure baseball fans get every opportunity to engage retired American league and Major League Baseball umpire Al Clark, connecting Al to fans on the other side of the globe and expanding his “Ump’s Eye View” presentations for 2018. Thanks to Jay’s role in the last year as chairman of […]

Longtime Tour Host Enjoys Connecting with Travelers

Jim Dries

Jim Dries has a unique perspective on Sports Travel and Tours because he sees us from so many vantage points. Jim—whose German last name is pronounced “Drees”—is not only a traveler and a 2009 inductee into our Sports Travel and Tours Stadium Hall of Fame, he is also a longtime tour host.   Most of […]

Baseball and the Big Apple

Yankee Stadium

Travelers appreciate nothing better than a tour guide who well knows the region they are visiting. That personal touch is exactly what they’ll get on the Boroughs Bash, a trip new to Sports Travel and Tours this year. In August, Anthony Incampo, our project sales coordinator who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, will introduce […]

Sports Travel and Tours’ East Coast Extravaganza

JD and Bill Canavan

Join us this June for one of our biggest offerings: the East Coast Extravaganza, which is really two trips in one! To offer our travelers options, we combine two old favorites at Sports Travel and Tours: the Mid-Atlantic and Triple Play. The complete package, which runs from Saturday, June 16 to Sunday, June 24, includes […]

Leading Our Induction Plus Trip is a Family Affair

Bill Canavan-NYC

When Billy Canavan first asked his wife, Lori Baumann, to partner with him in leading a sports trip, she was quite reluctant. Billy, who has led treks for us for decades and works full time as a teacher, says he dragged Lori into it. “She doesn’t realize how good she is at it,” he says. […]


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